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Immune Boosting for Children – Family Medicine in Springfield Missouri

It’s much easier to prevent illness rather than spend time on visits to the doctor’s office. While many children do not need much more than whole foods, play, and love to be healthy year-round, some children are prone to colds, … Read More

Vacations Are Good For You – Regenerative Medicine in Springfield Missouri

Vacations Are Regenerative Medicine If you’ve been holding off on booking your next vacation because you’re worried you can’t afford it, here’s something to keep in mind. Taking a break and recharging your batteries isn’t just a personal indulgence. There … Read More

Holiday Recovery Diet Plans in Springfield Missouri

Holiday Recovery Once the holidays are over and the New Year begins, we’re often faced with disappointment, frustration, and eventually broken resolutions. With the promise of good intentions and New Year’s resolutions, the previous holiday season became a spiral of … Read More

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