Kare Health and Wellness - Integrative Medicine in Springfield Missouri

Welcome to Kare Health & Wellness

Your Health Matters to Us

Kare Health & Wellness is a unique, independent integrative medicine clinic located in Springfield Missouri. Our focus is on patient centered care with an emphasis on prevention versus treatment. We offer a variety of services from functional and holistic medicine to medical weight loss, diagnostic testing, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and medical aesthetics. Being equipped to treat the whole person sets us apart and enables us to create personal relationships with our patients to maximize the vitality of life.

Our providers and support staff are highly educated, not just in the medical field, but on all the factors that go into one’s health and wellness. Being healthy is not just being free from illness. It is about maintaining the zest and vitality of life and that encompasses everything from what you eat and drink, to where you live and work, the people you are around, and your full environment. These are factors often overlooked at other clinics, yet factors that play a huge role in your health and wellness.

At Kare Health & Wellness, we want you to look and feel your best from the inside out.